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A few words to know about me …

My name is Mirela and I’m a wedding photographer based out of Zagreb, Croatia.

Firstly I’m a wife to a beautiful soul named Jan and a mommy to a my gorgeous daughter E

I loved art from since the time I can remember. And I mean all kinds of art. My first love was music. Music surrounds my life. Photography was a natural extend to my music. As the music is my ears to me, photography is to my eyes. Art makes a huge part of my life now. Books that I enjoy so much, movies, theater, concerts, exhibitions, … when I’m in need of a boost in my creativity, I turn to them. This fulfills my free time and inspires me.

My beginning in wedding photography wasn’t planned. I was doing totally different kind of photography. A friend asked if we (my husband and I) would like to take photos at a wedding of his friend. We said yes and we loved it, of course. Since then I enjoy the weddings just like I enjoyed my own eight years ago. I have goosebumps at a start of every wedding I shoot. I have a smile for every photo I shoot at a wedding day and I have a full heart because I’m fortunate enough to do what I love.

In my free time, I love to take my camera with me and make memories of my friends and family. I enjoy the moments that we share together and that I am able to transfer them into photos. Even though I take pictures of weddings and shoot other commercial photos, I still greatly enjoy taking pictures in my private time.

I enjoy traveling, like the most people I know do. In those travels I try to capture the essence of what I see there and what that makes me feel. I try to look first and then to take pictures. It’s not about just taking the shot. Sometimes we need to enjoy the view first. One of my friends said that the people forgot to enjoy the view and I tend to agree with him. I think in the world of selfies and cameras on our phones, we forgot to just enjoy the view.

Every wedding is a unique story to tell.

My approach at a wedding day is to be low key so that the bride and groom can naturally interact with their guests. In that way I can also catch spontaneous and candid moments of their big day, some of them you can find here. It’s all about the love and smiles that day. With a hint of dancing 😉

Thank you for coming here and visiting my place of moments ♥

photos by Barbara Tursan Misic